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Problems without easy answers:

I’ve committed to myself to being more objective AND being less reactive. I would like to think I am a moderate, and usually can see multiple sides of an issue – and the big picture. But am I really? Is this wishful thinking? Writing is a tool to clarify my thoughts and force me to research beyond my own experiences. Social Media makes it easy for us to get locked in an echo chamber or the other extreme and pound and angry reply to something we disagree with. Neither is good for us as individuals, as a country, or as a planet.

We live in a complicated world. What seems reasonable on a small scale, isn’t always when looked at a broader scale – and vice versa. What is effective in areas of low population density do not always work in urban areas. One size fits all is a lie. Nothing is as simple as political parties or even religions would have us think. Our planet is headed toward 8 billion people, each of us with our own life experiences. Each of those life experiences is valid and deserves a voice.

Are major issues going to be solved in these essays? Doubtful. But what I hope is to push myself to think objectively and from more perspectives than just my own. The essays will not always be from my own point of view, and perhaps I’ll have guest writers at some point. Maybe you’ll agree with essays, maybe not. Either is ok. I welcome thoughtful and polite discussion, but personal attacks (not just about me) or deliberate spammy (my definition) links will be removed. I hope what you read will encourage you to think and hopefully see a problem from a different point of view.


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